Thursday, 12 November 2015

Aspects to Consider When Shopping for Commercial Garage Door Parts

A garage door functions through a system of springs, pulleys and other components, and each of the components must be in excellent condition in order for the door to raise, lower, lock and unlock. If a part breaks, before you search for commercial garage door parts in Buffalo so that you can repair the damage, it’s important to consider a few important factors about your options. Understanding How the Repair Process Works DIY garage door repair projects can be dangerous and come with the possibility of causing serious injury or worse. For example, the springs used on most types of garage doors are highly pressurized, and they can eject with great force. This can cause property damage or injury. The heavy weight of a garage door can also add to the challenge and risk associated with repairing the door.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Finding the Right Contractor for Garage Door Installation and Repairs

Finding a good commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo is important to keeping your garage doors in good repair. Follow these tips to assess your repair needs and find a good commercial garage door contractor. Considerations for Repairs Garage door installation contractors who are interested in a customer’s best interests will focus on fixing the problem’s source, instead of just the problem itself. What Should a Technician Bring? Technicians from reputable firms, such as Crawford Door of WNY, carry a good supply of the parts they need to use the most during repairs.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

3 Things to Think About Before Buying a New Commercial Garage Door

Another important factor to consider when you are selecting a commercial garage door is the material. The material will play a key role in the price of your commercial garage door. Aluminum, for example, is more affordable than wood in most cases. Garage door parts and maintenance needs for different materials can also vary. You can inquire with a door supplier such as Crawford Door of WNY about the differences in materials like aluminum, wood, steel, and others. After you have considered each of these points, you can narrow down the options to find the right door that is priced within your budget. The right garage door in Buffalo can be a true enhancement to your building, so take time to thoroughly review the options.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Tips for Commercial Business Owners

Steel and nylon rollers should both be inspected twice annually and replaced about every seven years. If rollers become chipped, cracked, or worn, replace them right away. If you ever have questions about your garage door or need assistance with repairs, immediately contact a reputable commercial garage door contractor, like Crawford Door of WNY, which serves Buffalo and other areas in Western New York.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Commercial Garage Door Parts: 3 Reasons to Leave Repairs to a Pro

As a business owner here in Buffalo, it is fairly understandable if you try to maximize your expenses wherever possible (e/g/ recycling paper, finding new uses for those tattered boxes in the storage, purchasing bundles of supplies for a lower per unit cost, etc.). When it comes to tasks as complicated and potentially dangerous as fixing your garage door, however, investing in a professional service would be smarter. Broken commercial garage door parts can be a real pain in the neck. Your stocks are at risk of being damaged, if not stolen, and it is also likely that you won’t be able to deliver products on time. Before you panic and attempt to fix the problem by yourself in the hopes of saving a few bucks, consider why it would be wiser to leave that task to a professional handyman.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Safety and Reputation: The Importance of Good Garage Door Installation

Your garage door is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your cars, your power tools and any other equipment you may have stashed in your garage. It is also essential for protecting your home or building. Without proper garage door installation, you could expose your property to the elements, thieves and animals. Make sure that your garage door, whether for your residence or commercial establishment, is properly installed and will work whenever you need it to. Electric Components Need to Be Installed Properly Most garage doors work by having an electric motor pull the door up and set it down when you want to open or close it. If the electric motor is not properly installed, it could cause the door to become stuck in one position, which may prevent entry or exit. Furthermore, if there is a short in the electrical system, it could start a fire or cause other hazards.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Commercial Garage Door Prices are Influenced by Type and Function

To help you find the most appropriate commercial garage door for your needs, you can consult experienced providers like Crawford Door of WNY that serve Buffalo, Clarence, and other areas in New York. Commercial garage door prices are directly influenced by the type of garage door that you choose. Different doors offer different features, and the more features a door has, the more it will cost. Sectional Doors Sectional garage doors not only offer you easy operation but are also generally more aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient than some other types of commercial garage doors. In addition, sectional doors come with custom finishes and insulation. These doors can be operated via standard lift, high lift, or full vertical lift with a torsion spring.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

What You Gain from Hiring a Buffalo Commercial Garage Door Contractor

Consider the need for high performance, insulated, and non-insulated options along with fire-rated and sectional doors made of steel and other metals. Have a look at wooden carriage-house doors that can dress up your property and composite doors that come in different styles and colors. Don’t forget security. Garage doors or motorized gates provide you with added protection for your home or business. Whether you choose a manual opening door or one that uses a key card, keypad or electric opener, your chosen professional will install the garage door properly and present options to suit your needs. They will also be able to help you, if necessary, with garage door repair. Garage doors can help you manage the access in, around, and through your premises. Motorized gates can also provide traffic control for gated communities, plants and high-end residential areas.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Commercial Garage Door Parts: 3 Types of Garage Door Opener Drives

"While most Buffalo residents and business owners may think all garage door openers are the same, the fact is they are not. There are actually three main drive types of garage door openers: screw, chain and belt. Screw Drive This type of garage door opener uses a lifting device that runs along a threaded steel rod. There are fewer moving parts in the screw drive than other opener types, so it requires less maintenance. They are known to be slow moving and noisy, albeit less noisy than chain drive types."

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Garage Door Installation 101: All about Modern Garage Door Openers

"Garage doors can be made of different materials including steel, fiberglass, aluminum, wood and wood composite. The price of garage door installation in Buffalo will vary depending on the material you choose. They can be opened manually or by using an automatic garage door opener. Garage door openers themselves are rather simple. Their basic components include springs, struts, and an operating mechanism. Even if the decades-old opener you have installed works fine, you still might want to consider replacing it because newer garage door opener models offer better security, safety and convenience. Consider these features that are often standard with the garage door openers of today."

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Buffalo Garage Door Parts: Garage Door Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

A malfunctioning garage door can give a business or homeowner tons of frustration and headaches, not to mention potentially expensive repairs. A little bit of maintenance and inspection on your part can prevent malfunctions.Here are some garage door maintenance jobs you can do yourself. Lubricate the garage door’s moving parts, such as the hinges, bearings, rollers and springs with spray-on lubricants. Avoid using grease because it’s more prone to dirt and dust accumulation, which can then result in rougher garage door operation. Lubricate moving parts every three to four months.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Top Questions About Garage Door Repair in Buffalo

There are jobs you should never attempt to do yourself, and garage door repair is definitely one of them. Garage doors are generally too heavy for the average person to lift, much less handle, due to their complicated mechanisms. If your garage door needs repair, seek a Buffalo garage door repair professional. Here are some frequently asked questions about garage door repair to help you better understand the need to hire a professional.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Commercial Garage Door Prices in Buffalo & Other Buying Factors

Experts suggest regular inspection of your garage door for anything that might cause inefficiencies or total malfunctions. Common issues that you should watch out for include worn springs, cables, and other gear, as well as loud squeaks, broken glass or metal and failure of the door to open or close smoothly. For electric garage doors, make sure the circuits are inspected and repaired promptly. Aside from these services, a garage door dealer and service expert like Crawford Door of WNY can also provide a wide array of commercial garage door parts in Buffalo.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Buffalo Commercial Garage Door Contractor: Tune-Ups Ensure Your Safety

Just like the vehicles parked inside, the garage door of your home or business also needs tune-ups every now and then and should be regularly inspected. Carefully check the surfaces and parts, and observe if opening or closing the garage door takes more effort than usual. When you do spot problems, you may be inclined to troubleshoot them yourself, however, most garage door repairs and maintenance are better left to experts. Here are the top signs of wear and tear to watch out for which a professional Buffalo commercial garage door contractor can fix.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Commercial Garage Door Prices in Buffalo: Things You Need to Consider

A garage door for your Buffalo, NY home or business is not something you’d buy very often, but once your door starts to stall on you or break down completely, you have to find a suitable replacement fast. Like any smart property owner, you will want to find the best deals. Before you begin your search, you need to know what factors affect residential and commercial garage door prices in Buffalo. Aesthetic Appeal Garage doors come in a number of different styles such as the roll-up and swing-up types, traffic doors, sectional garage doors, and sliding doors, to name a few. Figure out what style suits your property best and keep in mind that each type will vary in price.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Garage Door Repair in Buffalo: Signs You Need to Call a Contractor

Garage doors in Buffalo homes and businesses are meant to make lives safer, but when they no longer seem to function right, they become liabilities. Giving your garage doors a close inspection from time to time enables you to determine if they’re still working the way they should. If you need your garage door repaired or a new one installed, leave the job to a professional residential or commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo. When It Starts to Show Signs of Wear How long have you had that garage door? Age not only wears down your garage door’s looks but also affects its normal functions. When the door no longer works as well as it did, and repairs are unable to fix the underlying defects, you’d be better off with a new garage door.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Knowing Commercial Garage Door Prices in Buffalo is Half the Battle

There are three basic types of electronic garage doors: chain drive, screw drive and belt drive. Most electronic systems have ceiling-mounted electric motors as their cores, linked to the doors they’re operating through a mechanism responsible for opening or closing doors. Another type, the torsion system, does not need a chain, belt, or screw; unlike other designs, a torsion-operated garage door does not require overhead tracks and a ceiling-mounted box. Some systems can be added to existing doors; thus, it’s often not necessary to replace the old one. However, there may still be a need to modify the opening mechanism of the existing door so that it can accommodate an electric opener.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Commercial Garage Door Contractor in Buffalo Knows These Doors Well

The traditional pair of doors still works out as the most economic option, and they are easy to maintain for elegant homes. Sliding doors, on the other hand, can cost more money upfront, but they are easy to use and require little in the way of maintenance. Most sliding components will be sealed with a permanent protective coating, so painting is not required. In addition, many sliding door models have insulated panels that help keep the garage warm. Side-hinge garage doors would fare better for houses since they are simple and easy to maintain, while sliding garage doors would be ideal for commercial spaces because of their long-term durability and reliability.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Knowing When It’s Time to Repair Garage Door Parts

If your garage door is looking worn out, it may be time to start researching residential or commercial garage door prices in Buffalo. After all, garage doors keep your home or office safe and secure.Sometimes, it takes keen observation to determine that the garage door needs repairs. Follow this guide to learn which garage door issues you may handle yourself and which require the expertise of a highly-trained contractor. Regular inspections Regularly check the state of your garage door. Listen for squeaky sounds and look for broken coils and springs. Inspecting your garage doors annually will highlight minor issues before they become big problems.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Buffalo Garage Door Repair Contractor for Repairs and Maintenance

What do you do if the garage door of your warehouse is squeaking louder than usual, and on some days it doesn’t want to move at all? You should consider calling a commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo! contributor Jeff Beneke shares some ways to know when it’s time to call your contractor when it comes to both commercial and residential garage doors. Quick Garage Door Fixes Squeaking may be your garage door’s way of telling you it needs some basic maintenance. Try cleaning the rollers and tracks by giving them a good brushing and adding lubricant. If that doesn’t stop the squeaking, give a contractor a call.