Thursday, 29 January 2015

Knowing When It’s Time to Repair Garage Door Parts

If your garage door is looking worn out, it may be time to start researching residential or commercial garage door prices in Buffalo. After all, garage doors keep your home or office safe and secure.Sometimes, it takes keen observation to determine that the garage door needs repairs. Follow this guide to learn which garage door issues you may handle yourself and which require the expertise of a highly-trained contractor. Regular inspections Regularly check the state of your garage door. Listen for squeaky sounds and look for broken coils and springs. Inspecting your garage doors annually will highlight minor issues before they become big problems.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Buffalo Garage Door Repair Contractor for Repairs and Maintenance

What do you do if the garage door of your warehouse is squeaking louder than usual, and on some days it doesn’t want to move at all? You should consider calling a commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo! contributor Jeff Beneke shares some ways to know when it’s time to call your contractor when it comes to both commercial and residential garage doors. Quick Garage Door Fixes Squeaking may be your garage door’s way of telling you it needs some basic maintenance. Try cleaning the rollers and tracks by giving them a good brushing and adding lubricant. If that doesn’t stop the squeaking, give a contractor a call.